Visfit (seeminglytragic) wrote,

Ugh. My night was really shitty.
I get really pissed off when Eric leaves the house after I've fallen asleep. I always end up waking up, for one or both of the following reasons: 1. Bebe scratches at the bedroom door, 2. I somehow know in my mind, even while I'm sleeping, that Eric has left the house. It's really disappointing and scary to wake up in the middle of the night and look over and see that you're husband is missing. I fall asleep content knowing that Eric is in the house, safe from the maniacs on the road and just in the world in general. But then I have to wake up and discover that he's not in bed, or downstairs. Not only does it piss me the fuck off, it worries me and it makes me really suspicious. I know Eric would never cheat on me, or at least I would hope he wouldn't, so that's only a small small small part of any suspicion. The other suspicion is that he's out with his friends doing things that would make me angry (I won't mention them here). I mean, he has all day when I am at work, and before he leaves to go to work, to hang out with whomever he pleases on HIS TIME. Is it wrong for me to want him to stay at home after I've fallen asleep if it affects my sleep? I don't think I'm being selfish. I think I'm a pretty cool wife, in general, and sure sometimes we have our ups and downs, and lately more than usual because I'm on my period and this is not an excuse: HORMONES MAKE ME CRAZY. A few people can back me up on this one. I'm not Normal V when I'm PMS-ing or menstruating.
But anyway.
What do you think?
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