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Don't spill the drink on the drink, Angelina!!

Yesterday rocked. Hung out with Angelina, it was her b-day. Eric and I brought over $30 worth of al-kee-hol and Eric got shit faced drunk, and Angelina was probably seriously buzzing, but she could have been more drunk. Haha. I would have been too if I didn't have to work the next day...
Angelina was buzzing sooo bad that she was rambling on and she actually said, and I quote, "You can tell when I'm really drunk because I don't care if you spill a drink on the drink."
It was classic, and will remain so until the end of time. Or until we all die and no one can tell the story of how Angelina is a Dyselxic Drunk.

Eric was hot hot hot. I love it when he's drunk. He acts like a goofy a-hole and I love him so much. He was standing on Angelina's porch and pressing his face against the screen so that his face became distorted, wobbling around saying, "Man, I'm drunk," looking totally mind blowingly-gorgeous in his "CRACK IS WHACK" t-shirt. He waved to a total stranger and yelled "HIII!" - Eric never talks to strangers, let alone say hi to them. We went to the Las Vegas Outlet (formerly the Belz) to pick up his friend Tim from work (I drove). Eric was twirling around all over the place with an unlit cigarette hanging from his lips like a piece of candy. He'd spit it out onto the counter and then start juggling it from hand to hand, oh man was it great. I wish I had my camera and 8mm with me. He's like a little boy when he's drunk, and we all know how Vanessa loves little boys!!

Yesterday Eric and I were driving around Summerlin and he said, "Oh, you missed it. There were shaggy haired boys walking on the sidewalk."
I said, "Oh, well..."
He said, "Do you want me to turn around so you can look at them?" And he was serious. Coolest husband ever.
Forget what I posted about not being binded to anyone, go out, and find someone to be binded to for the rest of your life, just make sure it's the right person... Someone who's secure enough in their manhood (or womanhood) to actually offer turning around the car so you can look at someone else who's hot. Because when Eric said that I lost all desire to want to know what those boys looked like, because in that moment Eric was the most gorgeous person in the world to me (and, naturally, IS).

*everyone vomits*

Work sucked, only because I learned that there is currently no overtime available which means BYE BYE to my dream of buying Eric the coolest birthday present ever. Looks like I'll have to start working my corner...
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