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UGH. Eric got his check in the mail today. Usually I'd be ECSTATIC about us getting getting a paycheck, but I'm pissed off because on his last pay day his money was deposited into a Domino's money card type thingie. And that was awesome because it's like an ATM card. NOW I have to wait until fucking Monday before we have any money because the banks are closed on the weekend and I'm not taking it to a check cashing place, where they ass rape you with their percentages and fees.
There went my plans to buy some stuff at Wal-Mart. Wait...maybe there is money in the skull cup in our bedroom...
WOO HOO! $111.00 in cash. I love being financially stable. Ok, now I'm happy again.

Robert Smith has THE sexiest voice in the world. Mmmm, I love his whiny English accent.
Richard Ashcroft from The Verve has the second sexiest singing voice in the world - also English.
Then there's Brandon Boyd.... Mmmmmmm.

I'm going to try to remember to post all of the weird synchronicities that occur in my life on a daily basis. As I've said before, my life is Magical, and weird things happen everyday. At first I thought they were coincidence, but then after so long, you start to wonder about things...
For instance, at work today, I stared at my water bottle, and it read "By CG Roxane" on the label. Not even one minute later, I get a phone call...
"Thanks for calling DirecTV. My name is Vanessa, may I have your account number please?"
Blah blah blah.
"May I have the password on the account?"
Customer says, "Is it Roxanne?"
If this were the first time something like this had happened, I would have shit my panties, but seeing as how things like this have been happening for over a year - about the time when I met Eric and a whole shit load of wonderful things started happening - I laughed inside my head and wondered what these synchronicities could all mean. Random stuff happens like this at least twice a day. I wish you all could be with me all day and experience how strange these occurences truly are.
Are they signs? Omens?
It's the same thing with the street lights... When I drive past them, they turn off. Greg, Angelina, Val, Eric, and everyone one else who has driven with me knows that these aren't random things. Let me get in your car, and watch as random street lights go off when I'm near them. It's entertaining.
In addition to this, my psychic-ness has been pretty high lately. This morning, a car moved into the middle lane for me. I was getting into the right lane so I could turn onto the freeway entrance. You could tell the person in the other car went out of his or her way to be able to let me get into the lane. For some reason I thought, "This person thinks I'm turning right at this light, so they moved over for me..." But I was actually making a right turn 2 lights up. Then I thought, "They're going to realize that I'm not turning right here, and move into my lane again behind me when the light turns green. They need to get onto the freeway." And guess what they did? I don't think like I type in my head, I just get impressions like that and I just KNOW. It's WEIRD.

I love feeling witchy.
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