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Good Times Gone<----that sounds like a cool song name

MysticTemptress: Times like these when iwish people owed me money.
SpikeyNutGerg: lol
MysticTemptress: i have virtually no gas money. lol
SpikeyNutGerg: That sucks
MysticTemptress: it sucks having a car sometimes
SpikeyNutGerg: You're first paycheck needs to come with the quickness
SpikeyNutGerg: I bet
SpikeyNutGerg: But I need one
SpikeyNutGerg: And now
MysticTemptress: no one ever had to worry about filling up their CAT bus
SpikeyNutGerg: LMAO!!!

I got that from my oooooold journal fiery_vixen. :D Makes me smile huge.
I almost forgot about that journal. I was reading through it and it is amazing how much I have changed yet stayed the same. Same person, different circumstances...but just a lot more grown up. I laugh at how I used to be and smile at the same time. Why didn't anyone kick some sense into me? Well... maybe you all did, but I just wasn't ready to change.
[Napoleon Dynamite voice] GOSH! IDIOT!
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